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February 14, 2012
by admin

Branding: Using Pinterest- Get on the Train

If you are serious about marketing you and your brand, it’s time to jump on the train. I have resisted because I thought it would die out. But it is getting stronger everyday and will pass Tumblr very soon. My … Continue reading

Branding Your Etsy Shop: Part Three-Twitter

November 22, 2011 by admin | 0 comments

Some of this information comes from my post a few weeks about about “How to tweet for business without being a Twitt”. If you have not connected your Etsy shop with your Twitter or Facebook pages…get busy.

If you notice in your Etsy account dashboard, under settings, look for connections and add your facebook and twitter accounts. That will assure more exposure for your shop when someone comes to your main shop page they will have the option to “like” your facebook and twitter accounts.

1. How to find quality tweeters:

You can add many followers in a matter of minutes if you like but they may end of being spammy and will not read your tweets or support your tweets.
Twitter has a great search feature that allows you to search the twitter feeds for keywords that are in your targeted markets. If you sell beading supplies you would search for beading, beading supplies or anything related to beading or jewelry. Pick a few of the results, read their tweets, look at who they follow and who follows them. There is a good application called you might use this application to rate a particular twitter user. Pick ten or so twitter users that rate well or that you personally enjoy their tweets. Follow the ten and drill down into those they follow. Spend twenty to thirty minutes a day looking at twitter lists and picking quality users to follow.

2. Twitter Following Etiquette:

Once you have a few followers: be sure to respond to each follower with a personal message or mention such as, thanks for the follow or whatever works for you. You might try an application like SocialOomph that will set up an auto reply for you. There are many users that frown on the auto response to a twitter follower. In fact unless you are a major celebrity or national company that gets thousands of followers a day, auto response is considered by many as downright rude. It could turn off potential customers.

3. Links,Re-tweets and Hashtags:

It is possible to link your twitter account to feed into your blogs and facebook accounts. Blogger and WordPress blog platforms are very simple to link to your twitter feed. Twitter Feed is a good program to use to set up links to your main sites.

Re-tweet: is what happens when someone likes one of your tweets and they re-tweet it from their twitter account. Read and respond to tweets by your followers, hopefully in turn they will reply which gets you a mention or re-tweet of your comment. Re-tweets may expose an entirely new group of tweeters to your products or information. HootSuite and Tweet Deck are two applications to help track of your twitter account.
Hashtags are just like keywords that are used to optimize your webpage on the internet. Hashtags help twitter to keep track of trends and like items. An example of a tweet with a hashtag could be @mybeadingsupply find our specials today on faucets #beads #supplies #jewelrysupplies #etsy.The word beading will help group your tweet into the twitter search, your tweet could show up in three different search criteria which increase your chances of customers finding your webpage.

Here is basic user information from a neat Youtube video
The best advice is to jump in and get your feet wet. Twitter can be a very powerful business partner.

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