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Branding: Facebook Storefront and Goodbye to Etsy


Greetings Friends

On my last post I posted an article from Mashable on selling on Facebook. I want to talk further about that concept as part of our series on Social media solutions and branding. As some of you know I am closing my Etsy shop after being a part of Etsy for the past 3 years. I have met some wonderful people who will be friends for life that I will keep in contact. However. all of my sales came from BNR’s and other Etsy folks. which is not bad. To stay current it is constant attention with very little reward. My traffic from Google was meek at best after looking at my Google Analytics in-page analysis and other reports I found that most of my traffic was from inside of Etsy and the rest from facebook. So… I needed to focus elsewhere. My blog/facebook get 5 times the traffic of Etsy. So I needed to focus my energy where the traffic was landing..right! Which is more about branding then the products.

The issues with Etsy for me is that it is so large and unless you list items every few minutes the chances of showing up in any searches were very slim unless you sell something very unique. The problem I found with the searches, if you sell say sterling silver earrings, how many returns will be pulled up on the Etsy search or from Google. Thousands,that is why I have been harping on branding for so long. If you have a brand that is getting noticed on Google you will have a better chance in the searches to be found by your brand name instead of your item listing. To illustrate my point I will use the brand Coke, if you searched for brown fizzy liquid or brown carbonated beverage, the site for Coke might show up or the word cola would be a better bet. See what I mean?  Of course Coke has spent millions to brand their product Coca Cola as has Pepsi Cola.

 A few months ago I wondered onto a fan page of Biker Chic Jewelry. I commented on something on her page and she mentioned that she sells a lot on Facebook, what! you sell on facebook? She told me about the Store Front AP and away I went. Which leads me to the point about Etsy, once Google algorithms search changed to relevancy on Etsy it was all downhill. Not just for me but for many of my Etsy friends, who have been with Etsy since its inception. Etsy is a complicated path to navigate. you may get found in Etsy relevancy search which may bring up thousands of items with the same keywords. What I am attempting to say if you brand yourself, you have a better chance of getting traffic sent from Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

From the Mashable Article about using facebook for sales of crafts and products.


 With more than 500 million active users on Facebook, there are more potential  customers using Facebook than there are logging into eBay and Amazon combined. Most of these users don’t see the site as a purchasing platform, but more and more businesses are adding an option to use the social networking site to browse and buy their products. These four Facebook apps offer flexible options for adding a storefront to your business page.

So I don’t want to bash Etsy as it is a fine place to place your crafts for sale and there are some wonderful people on staff. For me I needed to look for other avenues.  If you get the chance pop over to my facebook storefront. I have a few items for sale just to test the waters. Recently I took a course in SEO- (The Challenge) and learned how to tag and use keywords to market online. I found that I could get my sites indexed and ranking number 1 in Google easier than I could sell a pair of earrings on Etsy shop. As they say my 2 cents worth on this subject.

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  1. Greetings and welcome to “the other side.”

    Congrats on opening your Facebook shop! I find more and more folks are doing this and I am happy to have been a pied piper. It has worked wonderfully for me…and thank you for mentioning Biker Chic (me)!

  2. Thanks for the comment you have inspired quite a few. Just this week I sent your link to the Ritz Rose and she set up her facebook store and others are following behind!

  3. I’m in the process of listing items to my FB storefront. I set it up a few months ago but had to put it on the back burner for a while. Now I’m actively listing and seeing if this can work for me. Here’s my page.!/UnexpectedTreasure/app_135607783795

  4. Will look for it congrats.

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