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I met Kelly in a BNR treasury on Etsy and bought a pair of her earrings. I love the sweet girlie feeling to her pieces,yet there is a very modern and hip look to all of the items in her shop. She is another of us Etsy folks who work full-time jobs. She is a new shop and I was really impressed with the quality of her photos. Not only are they nice shots but she has added items that add texture and movement to the items. I love the earrings I bought from her shop they have great swing and really catch the light.

Where is your hometown? Raymond WI but I currently live in Neenah WI

What do you like about where you live now? I like that I’m surrounded by water and that just a short drive I can be out of the city.

Tell us a little about your daily life. Do you work outside of the home? I’m a computer programmer as my day job. I’m lucky and work from home 3-4 days a week. I find that being a computer programmer is a different way of being creative and the job allows me the money to spend on supplies. I usually make peices at night and on the weekends and during my breaks I move things around on my bead board if I’m not happy with the design.

Brown Vein - Earrings

Brown Veins Amber

How did you get started with Etsy? What inspires you? I got started with Etsy because a friend said I should sell my stuff. They recommended Etsy as a place to start selling if for no other reason I could direct people to a place to see what I have. I found that it was easy to get started and it meet my needs. What inspires me? Sparkle! I love things that sparkle…glitter and crystal beads and I love jewelry however I don’t like it to be too much. I find that when I’m bead shopping that I will see a bead and different idea’s will pop into my head. I’m inspired by everything around me and everything I see. I have a good sense of what people want by seeing what they wear and how they carry themsevles. When making a custom peice for someone I try to really think about what did they ask for and what I have seen them in and what did they tell me they like and go from there.

How did you begin with your art? I started making jewelry a few years ago but I didn’t really like what I made so I didn’t really do anything with it. What really kicked this into gear was my step daughter was getting married. She found a necklace in the bridal shop that she liked and I took one look at it and said I can make that cheaper! Oh yes the inspiration of saving some money! Also while she really liked the necklace it wasn’t everything. We also were looking for bridesmaid gifts and necklaces and earrings for each girl and realized that if I was going to make the brides necklace I could also make the bridesmaids gift. What I loved about the whole thing was that it was custome to what she wanted and meet all her neads. From there it all took off.

What do you do for fun? I love reading and anything computer related. I am one with my computer. I also enjoy gardening and spending time with friends and family.

Blue Snow Bracelet - Snowflake Collection

Blue Snow

How would you describe your experience with Etsy? So far I’m very happy with Etsy. It has allowed me a way of telling people what items I have for sale and they can see examples of my work. While I don’t sell a ton on etsy at this point I’m hoping it will really take off.

What advice would you give to an Etsy beginner? Join teams! It will help you meet people on etsy! Also I have found that everyone is really nice and willing to share information. I have asked other etsy members for advice on how to make something or where to get supplies. I convo people and let them know that they don’t have answer if they don’t want to because lets face it we are all competing against each other for sales. Read the blogs that people have out there and look around. See how what you are offering compares to what someone else is offering that is like your product. Do a BNR – Buy and Replace these help get your name out there to others on etsy and also helps you meet people. Sign up for all the social networking stuff you can!! Self promotion is the best promotion!! Facebook is your friend and a good place to keep pictures of past items you have made or custom orders you did that may never have been on Etsy. Twitter!! Tweet about a new item and people will check it out. It takes time and be patient.

Green Sparkle Stick - Simple

Green Glow

As a buyer and seller what excites you the most about either? Being a buyer? The thrill of finding something I need for a good price or finding something I didn’t even know anything about for a good price that makes trying it worth it. Being a seller? Knowing that people like what I made enough to spend money on it. I also love knowing that I made someones day a little more sparkly.

How do you deal with orders, do you have a system? Right now I make items based on the supplies I have on hand or what ever comes to my. When people place a custom order I write down what they are asking for and then I ask the following:
1. When do you expect the item by?
2. What colors do you want – I ask that they be spacific as possible
3. What price range – this will help to know what supplied to use
4. Sizing
Then I basically get to it. For Etsy orders I package up what they ordered and ship it.

What type of packaging do you use or found that works the best. What type of shipping service do you use? I’m still working on packaging. For Christmas I found some gift card box’s that were perfect!! Right now I’m wrapping things in tissue paper and using Raffa to make a bow and shipping in bubble padded evelopes.

What type of payment processing do you use? I currently only use paypal for etsy

Have you tried Amazon? I love Amazon, I haven’t checked into the Amazon payments yet but will be doing that this weekend

Are you on any Etsy teams? Yes I’m on two teams… Wisonsin Street Team and Night Owls of Etsy
If so what do you like about Etsy teams? Teams are good to get know others on etsy and a great resouce.

Pink Passion - Bracelet

Pink Passion

What do you think about the BNR Experience? I love them!! Great way to meet others on Etsy and ask questions! Also I found that its a great way to find other items that may not have noticed before. You can buy great items and promote your items!!

Is there someone that you would recommend to mentor a newbie to the BNR? Pixieval, yourself and lucymoonglow – they have helped me beyond words!!

Do you sell your products on other sites, or have blogs if so list the link. I have a tumblr site –

Please recommend someone you would like to see featured on our blog. It does not have to be an Etsy shop. Anyone I really enjoy learning about others.

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  1. I’m so glad to find more info about Kelly, here! I just “happened” into her shop one day, noticed she lives not far from where I grew up, left her a “Hello” and found she is very easy to talk to. I bought a pair of the most sparkly earring, bar none, from her shop in one of the first BNRs I saw her in, and have to go back for more!


  2. Thanks Faith for your comments.

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