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Tuesday Feature: The Crafting Place on Etsy


We are back with a cute new shop..well new to me. Rebecca was recommended to me by the brilliant Faith Deal of FathiAnn Originals so I had to check out The Crafting Place shop. I was attracted right away with the bright colors and the huge assortment of items. I fell in love with her design pails, I will have to buy some for my new grand babies. Sometimes it is not the shop that draws us in but what lies underneath, I think it is the soul of the person that helps us to connect to the crafter or artist. Please stop by her shop and see what I am talking about.

Happy reading




Home is Kelso, Washington…a little town, 45 minutes north of the Oregon Border. I lived there until I was 18 and then joined the Army. My first duty station was Fort Hood, Texas. I met my Army husband and we came down on orders for Hawaii. I left the military in HI and my husband received orders that sent us right back to Fort Hood. There is a saying in the military that home is where the Army sends you and that is true for Killeen, Texas. It’s not Kelso but it’s home and has been for 18 years, minus 3 years in HI. I love being around soldiers and I love the family that it creates.

Recently, I quit my job due to health issues. It was difficult being at an 8-5 job when I was having so many side effects from the medications that I am taking. Falling asleep isn’t generally something I want to be on an evaluation so I knew it was time to throw the towel in. Plus, bosses can be less than understanding when they don’t have employees that work.Dark pink pail/basket

Ahhhh…what inspires me??? Everything!!! I love to turn on music for any mood that I am in. It can be up lifting and theraputic in any situation. I very often close my door, blast the Bose, and make things for hours on end. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is. I have been known to jump out of bed, run into the craft room to start an idea I’ve thought about while lying in bed or stay up until three in the morning to finish something I’ve been working on all day. I love the look of paper, the feel of clay, the conformity of pen and ink, and the beauty of nature! When I see something I want to draw, I have to draw it immediately. I can’t get things out of my head until I’ve sat down to make it. Ribbon is amazing, chalk is messy and wonderful, and hand me a pencil and I’m off to another world. So, what inspires me? Like I said….everything!!!

As crazy as it makes my husband, I love to make things for fun. I can spend hours on end in my craft room making scrapbook pages, drawing pictures, working on a painting and be just as happy as anyone else is when they are playing a sport or hanging out with friends! I have been like this since junior high school and it only got worse when I was in high school. I was selected to join an honors art class and spent the year trying to get better with every project that I made. I wanted to be in all the art shows and win awards for the work that I had done. I think that being artsy is just a part of me. Creativity has always been there and it always will be. It’s just in my DNA. 😀

My experience on Etsy has been wonderful, enlightening, and ever changing. In the beginning it was something my daughter and I wanted to do together and I thought, to myself, a good way of teaching her about money. We were just going to make and sell hair bows together. Since 12 year old have fleeting attention spans, I ended up doing everything by myself. Then Etsy became a way of making extra money once I left my job. I started to see numbers and dollar signs at every turn. How can I make a sale? Where can I advertise? Where should I post my coupons? Everything was about making money. That was until a fellow Etsian convo’d me. She spoke about how her son was killed and that turning to her art became a refuge for her. Her article made me realize that I had forgotten the joy that creating brought me. It made me realize that I had been blessed with a gift that wasn’t given to me to accumulate green paper but instead should be used to bring happiness and joy not only to me but to whomever sees it. I had lost my creative heart and soul. However, today, my goals are to create for joy rather than to create for profit! If that methodology doesn’t make me a millionaire, then so be it. I want to be true to me and my creative nature rather than work for a dollar and get caught up in the bog that it brings to creativity.

Two premade scrapbooking pages "4th of July"

Etsy teams. Hmmmm. Now that’s a tough question. I have joined a few teams and I am indecisive on weather or not I like them. I love to meet new people in the teams. That has been great! On the other hand the teams are only as successful and productive as the people who are in them. The teams can also be very “clicky.” In that I mean, they have certain groups of people who stick together. They buy from one another in BNR’s which makes it difficult at times to get sales when a new store participates. Also, recently Etsy has been dropping the hammer on spamming convo’s to BNR’s and blocking shops convo’ing abilities because of invites to the BNR’s. How else would a team get the word out for a BNR if they cannot be convo’d. Joining teams should mean being able to gather in a cooperative effort and in this case to promote your shops. Yet, some don’t want to actively participate in teams while others do all the BNR’s and promoting. On top of that Etsy wants to take away the ability to band together in efforts for positive productivity.
Stacked die cut flowers - set of 5 (020)
Recently, I started a blog and am working on getting it started. I have never blogged before so it will be a learning experience for sure! It can be found I do sell on Ebay. This also something that I just started doing. I thought Etsy would be a better place for my items and less expensive but I am finding out that both Etsy and Ebay have their advantages and disadvantages to selling, fees, and to getting my items seen and purchased. My Facebook site is also under construction but will be listed under The Crafting Place when I get everything finished. I am so not computer techy so everything is slow going and takes me an eternity to finish and understand!

Die cut tags - set of 4 (008)











Two shops that I think would be great for a feature are TheCloseoutGirl or DragonflyExpression. I chose these because TheCloseoutGirl has the best prices on Etsy, is very friendly, and very successful. I have also chosen DragonflyExpression because she makes the most AMAZING paper flowers that I have ever seen!Pink Lemonade Mini-Paper Flowers (set of 5)


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  1. I’ve been to this shop. It’s amazing how imaginative Rebecca is and how many mediums she uses. If you’re reading this, you should definitely stop by and take a look. There’s lots to look at and great gift ideas to choose from. Sandy, CompletelyPersonal

  2. Thanks Sandy I’m so glad Faith brought this great shop to my attention, in fact I have spent some time looking at the cute designs.

  3. too cute, thanks for sharing

  4. What a great post! So nice to get to know Rebecca on a more personal note! She got a beautiful shop where you can find items that make your creativity go wild!

    Thanks so much for the kind words about my paper flowers!
    ~Dragonfly Expression

  5. What a great post!! Thanks for sharing and letting us get to know her better 🙂

  6. Great feature! Her work is so fun!

  7. This is a great post! Nice to meet you!

  8. Wonderful feature. Rebecca is a truly nice person with a great shop. I’m very happy to get to know more about her.

  9. Congratulations Rebecca!!! Wow this is super. Not only do you have a great shop; you are a great person. If anyone asked me what impressed me the most about you, it would be Y-o-u! My Grandmother use to say, “be a blessing, and you will be blessed!” I think of you as a blessing. Keep up the great work.

  10. Congratulations! Great work!! Great to see a fellow Scrapbook Ninja getting some extra exposure! ^_^

  11. Loved your article. I got lots of great insight into Etsy.
    I’m also a paper crafter. I’ve never blogged before but I will check yours out.
    I feel the same way you do about enjoying the creativity and making people happy.

  12. thanks for your support be sure to send me your link

  13. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts and ideas, I can really relate to what you have written/

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