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Tuesday Feature: Unicorn Creations


I know you are going to love reading about this wonderful Etsian; Rhonda from Unicorn Creations. I first met her in an Etsy BNR treasury. Her enthusisam and zest for life has charmed everyone who comes in contact with her. I began lurking in Etsy BNR’s after I was featured in one by LucyMoonglow. After awhile you get to know the other curators and also who has the best BNR’s. I have watched Rhonda as she curates BNR’s and know first hand of her generous spirit, sense  humor  and playful fun. She takes care of the new comers and makes everyone want to join in the fun. Not only that but she has a great Etsy shop. I especailly love her fun and funky bookmarks. Don’t miss the chance to read all about this fun Etsian.

Where is your hometown? Winnipeg, Manitoba

What do you like about where you live now? The cold winters! LOL! Winnipeg is a great place to live, lots of shopping, attractions, things to do and great crafting!Mermaid Bookmark

Tell us a little about your daily life. Do you work outside of the home? I work full time in a dental office. My position after 4 years as a Dental Office Manager was eliminated and I got laid off 8 months ago. Now I work in a small office as a dental receptionist and love it! There is no stress and I get home on time to curate my BNR’s for you all!

How did you get started with Etsy? What inspires you? I heard of Etsy from a friend of my husband’s, before that I never even heard of Etsy. I wanted a place that I could send my in town customers to all year to shop other than having them in my home or coming to a Christmas Craft Show. My kids inspire me to the fullest. They are why I do what I do, to give them a better life, one bead at a time.

How did you begin with your art? I have always enjoyed crafting for as long as I can remember. My mom got me hooked when I was incredibly young and there was no turning back for me!

What do you do for fun? Other than spending every spare chance I can with my kids? I love having mother/daughter time with my mom crafting and sharing stories. The time flies when we are together and the creations we come up with! If I could package everything I make I would put it all on Etsy for you all to look at!

How would you describe your experience with Etsy? Etsy has been ups and downs just like any other job or business. Since I started the BNR’s it has gone incredibly well for me, much more than I ever could have imagined. And the friends that I have made here I will cherish forever.

Teacher Apple Bookmark

BeckLee's Favorite

What advice would you give to an Etsy beginner? This is what I enjoy the most. As a BNR curator, I get convos all the time from new people to Etsy and new people to the BNR’s. The best advice I can give a new Etsy person is to start in the chat rooms, join some BNR’s, create a “face” for your shop, not just a name that no one knows. The advice for a new person to the BNR’s, it’s not about the sales. The exposure you will get in the BNR’s are second to none. The sales will come in the BNR’s but the exposure is what you will need for your shop.

As a buyer and seller what excites you the most about either? Seeing that perfect bead strand, or getting a deal on an item with no shipping, I LOVE that! As a seller, I STILL get that butterfly feeling in my stomach for each and every sale! It’s so exciting to me. If that ever stops, that will be when I close my shop. I enjoy selling and buying so much…..that’s not great, I guess the whole point would be to make some sort of profit right?

Breast Cancer Earrings

Inspired by Grandma

How do you deal with orders, do you have a system? What type of packaging do you use or found that works the best. What type of shipping service do you use? I try to get to the post office daily if I can, when I miss a day that is when I get incredibly behind. I have found these awesome boxes that fit through the Canada Post little slot and protect my jewelry and bookmarks so well. I use these all the time and they can be found…I have shared this site with many sellers and I hope it will help many more!

What type of payment processing do you use? Have you tried Amazon? Unfortunately living in Canada I cannot use Amazon, it is not available here yet. I use Paypal and have had nothing but terrific experience with them, they back the purchases very well. I have had to use their help several times and always have had great results.

Are you on any Etsy teams? If so what do you like about Etsy teams? To be honest, I really do not know too much about the teams on Etsy. I do belong to one team called BNRaddicts, the name is self explanatory, lol. This is a neat place to get together and talk about the BNR’s, ask questions, and post any BNR’s that are running.

LAST ONE,  Paradise Beach Necklace

Paradise Beach

What do you think about the BNR Experience? The BNR’s have changed my whole Etsy experience. The exposure I have got from them in about 5-6 months has taken my sales from under 100 to over 1100! Plus just by chatting on the BNR’s you can learn so much about how to run and make your own shop better.Black Colored Eye Glass Chain

Do you curate BNR’s? If so tell us a bit about how you decided to run BNR’s. Is there someone that you would recommend to mentor a newbie to the BNR? Yes, I curate BNR’s. Very crazy BNR’s, lol! It’s kind of funny why I decided to run a BNR. I was still learning what they were all about and people started asking me when I was going to curate my first one. Maybe I was showing my face and talking too much in them? ME??? Talk too much??? Never! That’s when I decided to make the big leap, I was so nervous for the first one, and I still get nervous when I open and I cannot even guess how many I have curated to date. Lucymoonglow mentored me from start to finish. I would recommend her to any newbie wanting to play or to try to curate one themselves.

Do you sell your products on other sites, or have blogs if so list the link. I have tried a few other sites in the past but none compare to Etsy. I did find a free site called and shared that with lots of peeps on Etsy and now I believe many sell their items on that site too.

Please recommend someone you would like to see featured on our blog. There are 2 shops that I can think of. Fusedglassbyginger, her shop is absolutely incredible and she has the wonderful experience of teaching her art to others too, a very lucky woman! The second is Valentinefiberarts. I have so much respect for the creations that she makes in her shop. I do a lot of crafts but Valentine is the talented one!

RAINBOW FUSED DICHROIC GLASS PENDANT Fused Dichroic Glass Jewelry by FusedGlassbyGinger on Etsy

Rainbow by Fusedglass

HUGSTODAY 10% coupon code: Cupcake dish scrubber, handmade

Valentine Fiber Arts

Thank you so much for having me 🙂

Thanks to Rhonda for giving up her time to answer all the questions. Best wishes BeckLee

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  1. Thank you Becky Lee for having such a nice blog. Unicorn is the best. Very nice article, and Unicorn ~ thanks for mentioning my shop.

  2. Very nice article Becky Lee! Unicorn is a great BNR hostess and shop owner. Check out my new blog and surprise shout out write-up on Lucy Moonglow

  3. Rhonda runs the best BNR on Etsy bar none.

    Lucymoonglow is also a fantastic BNR curator.

    I love promoting and participating in both of these fine ladies’ BNRs.

  4. Generous, patient, fun loving, kind and supportive,… what more could a new seller ask of a BNR curator? Thank you so much, BeckLee, for introducing me to Rhonda (or Uni, as we have come to know her) in your 2010 archived article here “What the Heck is a BNR?”, and for letting us get to know her a little more!

    Faith Ann

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