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Well folks you came to right place. Some of you have read my post “what the heck is an Etsy BNR”. This is will help to update some of that information.

I have interviewed two of my favorites; Lucy and Rhonda from the Etsy Flying Monkey’s BNR. What an experience it is, buying in and chatting with all the great people that are drawn to this BNR=buy and replace on Etsy. I will let them tell you all about but you must know that Lucy and Rhonda are two of the most wonderful people I have ever met on Etsy. They are warm, wonderful, giving and so supportive of newbies. That is how I met Lucy, she found me in Etsy newbie world and invited me in. I owe my first and many sales to her and Rhonda. Without further a do!Please stop over and see what is all about and support these outstanding curators. I happen to know some flying monkeys and they may be flying your way as you read this post!

First question: How did you come up with the name Flying Monkeys:

Rhonda: Unicorn 4960: I have been curating for a year now and right at the beginning someone said they needed a drink after a long day they had. I said I can send them wine, someone else wanted ice cream……..that’s how I created wine floats! We needed a way to transport them to each person so the flying monkeys were born. The FM (Flying Monkeys) now each have names and are talked about in Lucy and my BNR’s each and every night!






Lucy: Lucymoonglow: When I joined etsy, I soon found curating Buy and Replace treasuries was a lot of fun, a great way to interact with other shops, get exposure for my work, and stimulate sales. Etsy changed the entire format of the Treasury in the Summer of 2010, and BNRs are now much more interactive. It was during one of my BNRs last summer that I first met Uni, and shortly thereafter she started to curate BNRs, as well. We hit it off right from the start, and while we had our own schedule of BNRs, we helped each other out wherever we could. We decided to join forces even more by creating a Team…where we could plan joint events and share the burden of time and planning involved. We really only had two names in the hat for the Team name…….either Twinnies (which we affectionately call each other), or Flying Monkeys. Flying Monkeys have been a mainstay in our BNRs for a long time. They started appearing in Uni’s BNRs, and of course, overflowed into mine 🙂 They are adorable, mischievous little creatures and love to fly out to our team members’ homes delivering margaritas and wine floats.




Tell us how the FM BNR works:

Rhonda: Lucy and I take a regular BNR and put a bit of a twist to it. We have a Special Feature BNR where there will be starting shops that are big FM Team supporters in some way. These feature shops get multiple starting spot when we open. Just a little way of us to say thank you to some of our FM Team members!
When do you host the FM bnr’s:
Rhonda: We have no set dates for the FM BNR’s. We will continue to do them occasionally so best to keep checking out the team posts here:

Lucy: Uni and I still curate our own individual BNRs, and we also team up to curate joint bnrs under the Flying Monkeys logo. The FM BNRs have no set schedule….we just try to fit in one or 2 each month. We’ve just recently begun the Monkey Business BNS (Buy and Stay), which has similarities to a Buy and Replace, but gives even more opportunities for our team members to get sales within a short period of time.
Who can join the Flying Monkey’s Etsy team:
Rhonda: Anyone can join the Flying Monkeys Team, whether you are a curator, buyer, seller, or BNR newbie! We love to have our team be a positive and supportive group for everyone!
Lucy: Flying Monkeys is a totally non-pressure team. We have no rules or obligations, and the only expectation we have is everyone in the team be courteous of one another. We set it up to be a big, supportive family where we all can interact with other creative artists, learn some tips on how to run our businesses smoother, and make some sales along the way. Everyone on etsy is welcome and invited to join the FM Team…….and if you don’t know a thing about BNR or BNS, that’s totally OK. We can walk you through it and answer all your questions until you get the hang of how it all works. We’re so happy that our team members often come to our BNRs merely for the laughs and camaraderie of hanging out with fellow FM team members ……….and of course, the real Flying Monkeys always jump up and down with glee as people arrive….they think everyone is coming to see them 🙂

A bit about Lucy: I started my fiber arts business in 2000 outside of Etsy doing art shows and exhibiting my handbags in boutiques and art museum shops. I heard about Etsy from an art museum shop buyer when it was still fairly new on the scene, and I joined in 2007. My shop carries fiber accessories created by me in my home studios in Southern California and Pennsylvania. I also have a great love of beads (really an obsession), and my shop has an extensive line of designer beads, as well as my own jewelry pieces.

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  1. I can’t say enough nice about these two terrific and supportive curators, mentors, and friends. Put them together, and you have a dynamite team that supports the etsy community, new and old, in a fun, friendly, and informative atmosphere — now called the Flying Monkeys Team!

    I’ve recommended joining in the conversation or just ‘listening in’ on one of their BNRs more than once to etsy newcomers who are full of questions. Joining the chat and experiencing a few sales from both the purchaser’s side and the seller’s side through this quick moving team’s BNR is like immersing yourself in a foreign language … you won’t believe how quickly you ‘get your sea-legs’!

    Thank you to you both, Lucy & Uni! And thank you, too, BeckLee, for introducing me to them through “What the Heck is a BNR?”

    with love,


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