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QR Code or Quick Response Code


QR Code™ or Quick Response Code™,

it is the future

by Beck Lee 2011

I am easily excited about technology and the Quick Response or QR code is no different. The new code system is similar to a bar code that we are all familiar with but the new codes can hold thousands of characters. The code looks like something I would have doodled while sitting in Math class. The code itself consists of black geometric lines arranged in patterns on a white background, these patterns hold the key to alphanumeric, binary and Kanji(Japanese character) information.

The term QR code ™ itself is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated. However they have allowed the code to be generated and used openly. I noticed the codes in the last year or so and found an application for it on my Android Smartphone that could read the codes. Last week I counted 15 QR codes in my local newspaper. It was like a treasure hunt or a hidden object game. Some of the codes sent you to a contest site; others offered special discounts for finding their code. I am giddy with the marketing and information possibilities.

I wonder if they might have used this type of communication during the Cold War. Well maybe, not this was only invented in 1994 but you can see where I am going with this. Place the code on any publication, public signage or business card. My business card has a nice logo, address etc but if your business card incorporated the QR code you could load that little square with tons of information about sales, products and pricing. You might sell t-shirts with your information embedded in a QR code. I could see myself scanning someone’s t-shirt to find out more information about a concert or special discounts. That might be a new pick-up line, “hello may I scan your QR code!” Perhaps we may see QR code tattoos. It could happen!

I found a unique video on Youtube  music video that features QR codes. QR Code interactive VideoThere is a marketing firm in Asheville ConnectMe that is right on the edge of new technology and sells marketing with your QR codes. QR Codes Asheville group


While doing more research I found a site that lets you generate your own QR code for your website or business. I have even made my own QR code for my blog site.

I think we should keep our eye on the QR codes

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