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Tuesday Feature: Appealingtou ASHEVILLE on Etsy

Is it Tuesday already. Here we go with fellow Ashevillians on Etsy. This is a husband and wife team. I asked them some questions and here we go. Be sure to check out their shop.

My Favorite

Up first, Art: How did you get started? I've always enjoyed art. As a kid, I liked photography and creating home movies. From there, I tried a little bit of everything: watercolor, sculpting, writing, acrylic and oil painting. My formal education is in Architecture, which is also artistic in it's way. What inspires you? Beauty. Where is your hometown? and current location? Hometown is Valencia, Venezuela. Current location is Asheville, NC. What do you like about where you live now? The mountains and the peacefulness of this area. How did you begin with your art? It's always been there. What do you do for fun? Be with the one I love. Your comments about anything: I wish I had more time! Okay ... next up ... Cyndi: How did you get started? I love to write and my friends and family suggested that I start a blog. Sounded good but I couldn't think of anything that I really wanted to talk about. Then, one day, I started thinking about green living and how most of us want to do our part but don't know how. So, I started my blog. Along the way, I learned a lot ... including how to make things for myself ... things like cleaning solutions and perfume. I woke up one day thinking about broken jewelry ... the stuff that gets tossed into landfills. And I wondered if there was something I could do with it. And that began my journey into creating earrings ... most of which are fashioned from broken jewelry. What inspires you? Nature. Where is your hometown? and current location? I'm originally from Seattle, Washington, and now live in Asheville, NC. What do you like about where you live now? Everything! The people are friendly and decent. There is nature everywhere ... and it's accessible. I love the pace of life and how peaceful it is here. We're vegetarian and this place knows what that means .. it's easy to be vegetarian here. How did you begin with your art? Once I got the idea, I started seeing broken jewelry everywhere ... flea markets, the bottom of my jewelry box. So ... I started taking things apart and playing.

Another Favorite love love the image

What do you do for fun? My husband and I are best friends ... I love spending time with him whether it's sitting side by side as we work or walking along the river. Your comments about anything: Just want to say "thank you" for featuring us ... it was great fun to answer these questions and an honor to be featured. Cyndi

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